Line Ministries

The data presented here show the openness of the state ministries in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia; The ministries in the Government of Serbia and Vojvodina Provincial Government; the state ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the ministries of its entities, the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republika Srpska.The number of ministries included in the research in all six countries is 125.

Below you will find infographics presenting information about the openness of the line ministries in the six countries included in the research.

Openness by dimension

Level of openness of Line Ministries institutions by country

Institution Score
Ministry of Justice of Bosnia and Herzegovina 54.60 %
Ministry of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina 50.94 %
Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina 47.92 %
Ministry of Communications and Transport of BiH 45.66 %
Federal Ministry of Finance 40.41 %
Federal Ministry of Transport and Communications 37.62 %
Ministry of Finance and Treasury of BiH 37.44 %
Ministry of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina 36.52 %
Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina 35.84 %
Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Policy 35.27 %
Ministry for Human Rights and Refugees of BiH 34.64 %
Ministry of Transport and Communications of Republic of Srpska 32.19 %
Ministry of Health of FBiH 30.15 %
Ministry of Finance of Republic of Srpska 29.51 %
Ministry of the interior of Republic of Srpska 27.71 %
Federal Ministry of Justice 27.27 %
Federal ministry of trade 27.26 %
Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Srpska 26.93 %
Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry 26.79 %
Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs 24.16 %
Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism 23.69 %
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina 23.20 %
Federal Ministry For Issues Of The Veterans and Disabled Veterans Of The Defensive-Liberation War 22.95 %
Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining of Republic of Srpska 22.83 %
Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of Republic of Srpska 22.82 %
Ministry of Economic Relations and Regional Cooperation of Republic of Srpska 22.41 %
Federal Ministry of Displaced Persons and Refugees 22.00 %
Ministry of Labour and Veterans of Republic of Srpska 21.87 %
Ministry for Refugees and Displaced Persons of Republic of Srpska 20.78 %
Ministry of Spatial Planning, Civil Engineering and Ecology of Republic of Srpska 19.29 %
Ministry of Science and Technology of Republic of Srpska 18.78 %
Federal ministry of development, entrepreneurship and trades 18.34 %
Federal Ministry of Culture And Sport 17.76 %
Federal Ministry of Spatial Planning 16.98 %
Ministry of Trade and Tourism of Republic of Srpska 16.77 %
Federal Ministry of education and science 16.64 %
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Waters of Republic of Srpska 16.23 %
Ministry of Family, Youth and Sports of Republic of Srpska 15.82 %
Federal Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry 15.34 %
Ministry of education and culture of Republic of Srpska 13.58 %
Ministry of Administration and Local Self-Governance of Republic of Srpska 13.24 %